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Knowledge Centre

We've put together answers to some of the most common questions about how to choose and get the most out of your printer cartridges. 

1. What is the difference between Ink and Toner?

2. Is it true that printer ink costs more than gold gram for gram?

3. Will compatible inks damage my printer?

4. Will my printer warranty be voided by using compatible cartridges?

5. Are original brand inks better than compatibles?

6. Which printer has the cheapest ink?

7. What to do with unused/used ink cartridges?

8. Does printer ink go off?

9. Do compatible ink cartridges work?

10. Can I refill ink cartridges?

11. How do printer ink cartridges work?

12. What is a Genuine Cartridge?

13. What is a Remanufactured cartridge?

14. What is a Compatible cartridge?

15. How many pictures can I print with one ink cartridge?

16. What does 5% coverage mean?

17. How to replace an ink cartridge?

18. How should I store ink and toner cartridges?

19. What does OEM mean?

20. What is a laser printer drum?

21. What is a laser printer fuser?

22. Do I need a laser printer or an inkjet printer?

23. Tips and tricks to save ink

24. What is a photo cartridge? 

25. Did you know there are 27 colours 

26. Why don’t printed colours match what I see on screen?

27. In the CMYK colour scheme, why is Black denoted by K?

28. What is inside a printer ink cartridge?

29. What is inside a printer toner cartridge?

30. Are printer cartridges interchangeable?

31. Why doesn't my printer recognise the ink cartridge?

32. How does a Laser printer actually work?

33. So how does an Inkjet printer actually work?

34. Why would you still use a Dot Matrix Printer?

35. I’ve bought compatible cartridges before and they didn’t work, what makes your different?

36. Which printer ink / cartridge do I need?

37. EcoTank vs InkJet Printers - Should you buy one?